Five Views of Infants and Children in the Church (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, April 27, 2015)

A free conference on Five Views of Infants and Children in the Church, held at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, April 27, 2015, featuring speakers: Adam Harwood, Kevin Lawson, David Liberto, David Scaer, Jason Foster, Gregg Strawbridge, and Donna Peavey. See the flyer and schedule in the PDF below:

Children and the Church Conference at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Should Baptists Re-Baptize for Church Membership and Communion? John Bunyan said, “No”

The famous writer of The Pilgrim’s Progress, urged that communion should be open in “Baptists” churches to those baptized in infancy, without re-baptism. Read this short, selected/edited work,

Baptism and Church Communion (html) by John Bunyan, edited by Gregg Strawbridge

Bunyan said, “I own water baptism to be God’s ordinance, but I make no idol of it.”

This selection of John Bunyan’s work was originally taken from a book entitled, A Confession of My Faith, and a Reason of My Practice: Or, With Who, and Who Not, I Can Hold Church Fellowship, or the Communion of Saints. Shewing by diverse arguments, that though I dare not communicate with the openly profane, yet I can with those visible saints that differ about water baptism. Wherein is also discoursed whether that be the entering ordinance into fellowship, or no.

Updated Location: Gregg Strawbridge vs James White Debate on Infant Baptism

Here’s an update on the location of this debate on Infant Baptism (or the Covenantal Paedobaptist view of baptism vs the Reformed Baptist view)

Monday March 23rd 7pm:

872 Maitland Avenue
Altamonte Springs, Florida

This interaction will be recorded and published at, as well as through Dr. White’s Alpha and Omega Ministry.

Gregg and James debated the topic of the recipients of baptism back in 2007 telephonically. The recording of that interaction is available here: