Covenantal Infant Baptism: An Outlined Defense

covenantalinfantbaptismoutlinedThis was one of the first studies that I wrote on the subject (as you can tell, from the introduction). I aimed to primarily provide Scriptural proofs for the basic ideas of a covenantal theological reading of the Bible with an application to the issues relating to baptism. This study provides critiques of popular Baptist works.

This document has been online for a long time (since 1998 or so).

The structure of this document is as follows:

Introduction and Dedication
I. The Covenantal Framework of Scripture
II. Covenant Household (Infant) Baptism
III. Objections to Infant Baptism
IV. Brief Theology of the New Covenant

Critical Responses to:
Sam Waldron
Fred Malone
Carl Hoch, Jr

V. The New Covenant in Hebrews
VI. Critical Reviews of Anti-paedobaptists

Paul K. Jewett
John G. Reisinger
David Kingdon
T. E. Watson

VII. Historical Fiction Letter to Illustrate the First Century Context

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