The New Covenant Prophecy of Jeremiah 31:31-34 in Context

Many objectors to Covenantal Infant Baptism seek to use the new covenant prophecy of Jeremiah 31:31-34 to argue that “all the members of the new covenant are regenerate” (e.g., James White v Gregg Strawbridge debate on infant baptism, 2015 also available on YouTube).

In the White v Strawbridge debate, I made the point that nothing about baptism actually follows from the assertion that “every member of the new covenant is regenerate [in the Calvinistic sense.” Baptists nor paedobaptists can baptize only regenerate people. As Warfield teaches all baptism is based on a judgment of charity whether of the very young or the mature.

At any rate, one must first do exegesis before alleged theological conclusions can be used as a macro-theological point (i.e., “all members of the new covenant are regenerate”). I am providing my exegesis. The following link includes a general sermon and in the PDF Outline an exegetical paper with about 50 footnotes and dozens of scholarly sources. The New Covenant In Context.

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Rev. Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. is the pastor of All Saints Church in the Lancaster, PA area.

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